What we also do

We offer fast and effective software development from a data structure and database architecture to entire front-end and back-end systems. We are capable of solving a vast variety of inventive related programming tasks thanks to our unique method based on TRIZ.

TRIZ – Theory of inventive problem solving – is the strongest to date system for creating new ideas and inventions. It is widely known and used in many countries: In USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, France, Japan, Spain, Canada etc.

Most of leading companies are actively using that methodology for improving their goods and services. Among those companies are Samsung Electronics, Intel, LG Electronics Inc., Lucent Technologies, Xerox, Boeing, Siemens etc.

We differ from other developers for a number of reasons:

  • We are skilled in TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving)
  • We created the unique method of application development and data structures design using TRIZ. You can find a brief description of the method here.
  • This method allows us to do specified job two times cheaper.
  • Our programs are compact and we write them fast.
  • We provide transparent reporting on our work.
  • We provide detailed documentation of our code, so any of your programmers will understand it without any problem and without us.
  • Since our programs are compact and well documented even specialists who are less qualified than the author are able to manage them easily.
  • We design our programs in such a way that addition of new functionality does not require any modifications of the program code.
  • Multiple specialists will work on this task. It means that there are no delays or violations of the deadlines.
  • You make payment to the European company. You have all the guarantees and the protection of the European legal system.
  • When paying an outsourcing company You reduce tax payments. You do not pay taxes for the employee. You do not only reduce payroll taxes, but also increase profits.
  • You may give us Your test task to decide if we are good for the job. We are ready for an online interview, so it would be easier for you to compare us with other candidates.

We have:

  • Experience in software development with multiple languages.
  • Experience in server-side technologies (web servers, database servers).
  • Experience in developing backend systems.
  • Strong software engineering skills, including data structures, design patterns, testing and debugging skills.
  • Knowledge of SQL and understanding of relational databases.
  • Knowledge of Java, C#, Python and PHP programming.
  • Solid understanding of Object-Oriented design and programming concepts.

We are problem-solving, creative, cooperative, disciplined and result oriented.